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Ranunculaceae, Buttercup Family

Image of Actaea rubra, Baneberry, June 7, 2006, Manning Park, Beaver Pond Loop Trail Actaea rubra, Baneberry (26 KB)
Image of Anemone lyallii, Lyall's Anemone, June 7, 2006, Manning Park, Beaver Pond Loop Trail Anemone lyallii, Lyall's Anemone (27 KB)
Image of Anemone occidentalis, Mountain Pasqueflower, August 1986, Mount Rainier National Park Anemone occidentalis, Mountain Pasqueflower (30 KB)
Image of Aquilegia formosa, Red Columbine, June 6, 2006, First Brigade Trail near Spuzzum, B. C. Aquilegia formosa, Red Columbine (27 KB)
Image of Caltha leptosepala, White Marshmarigold, August 1986, Mount Rainier National Park Caltha leptosepala, White Marshmarigold (35 KB)
Image of Clematis ligusticifolia, White Clematis, June 9, 2006, Osoyoos, B. C. Clematis ligusticifolia, White Clematis (34 KB)
Image of Ranunculus uncinatus, Little Buttercup Ranunculus uncinatus, Little Buttercup (34 KB)
Image of Thalictrum occidentale(?), Western Meadow-rue(?), June 7, 2006, Manning Park Thalictrum occidentale(?), Western Meadow-rue(?) (31 KB) additional image (32 KB)

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Buttercup family in Europe (in German, Aconitum-Aquilegia, 17 speciesCallianthemum-Pulsatilla, 17 speciesRanunculus, 22 species and Thalictrum - Trollius, 4 species)

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