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  1. All the plant photographs in the directories ../rff/photo/ and ../rff/bc/photo/, i. e. photographs of plants from Europe and North America, were released by their author, Robert Flogaus-Faust, under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (standard license). Please note that this does not mean that you may use the photographs without any conditions, but that you must abide by the license to use the photographs.

    Please also consider the following recommendations:

    a) To learn correct attribution of material licensed under Creative Commons licenses, the following external page is recommended: https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Best_practices_for_attribution.
    b) Please mention the HTML page as the source where you found a photo, e. g. http://nafoku.de/rff/e/paralili.htm, when you use it on the web. Direct links to the photograph are not permitted.
    c) Please be aware of the fact that all the links to the original web site www.flogaus-faust.de do not work any more. You may replace the links to www.flogaus-faust.de by linking to the pages archived at nafoku. This means that www.flogaus-faust.de/bc/... should be changed to nafoku.de/rff/bc/...
  2. The author of the original web site www.flogaus-faust.de, Robert Flogaus-Faust, allows using his 50 x 50 pixel thumbnails and the content of his HTML pages or parts thereof on web pages or in other publications by anyone even without attribution, except for the following:
    a) All the photos under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (see above).
    b) All files with the author's personal information, which make sense only on the original web site.
    c) Files from this web site containing personal information must not be copied to other sites.
    However, the photographer's name, Robert Flogaus-Faust, is required for reference purposes, which means that it may be used anyway for this purpose.
  3. Please always prefer the standard Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  4. The earlier license is therefore superfluous. This is why it cannot be found here any more. Of course anyone who got permission by the author of the photographs either by mail or by letter or just uses the photographs according to the old license may continue doing so. However, if you read this text and intend to use one of the photographs for one of your publications, please only use the standard license.



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