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Acceptable use of images

In 1986, the author, Robert Flogaus-Faust, took his British Columbia / Washington state wildflower photos using a simple reflex camera with a zoom lens (focal length 35-70 mm), extension tubes (13, 21 and 31 mm, respectively), ISO 100 film for color slides, a tripod, and a cable release. He has been living at Dreieich/Germany since 1987. He spent almost 4 weeks of holidays in British Columbia in May and June, 2006. Some of the photos taken in 2006 are also on the web.
All the photographs taken in British Columbia during the 2006 holidays are from a 7.1 megapixel digital camera with a lens that is equivalent to a 35-140 mm lens in the usual cameras for 35 mm film. Of course the real focal length is much shorter because the camera light sensor is much smaller than a 35 mm slide.
In addition to this, some out of several ancillary lenses was used for close ups (ca. 4 and 10 dpt.) and tele photos (enlargement by a factor of 1.5). In most cases only parts of the photographs are shown (just as with the 1986 photographs).

All the plant photos published on this website are © Robert Flogaus-Faust. They may be used according to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Most of the images taken in 1986 are from the surroundings of Vancouver, B.C.; a few of the photos are from Vancouver Island (Victoria area) but there are also quite a lot of images from the Cascades, mostly from Paradise, WA (Mount Rainier National Park).

Unfortunately the field guides that the author used for looking up the names of the flowers were sometimes rather difficult to understand for him and some were even incomplete. And his knowledge of English botanical terms and of the flowers in the Pacific Northwest has always been much less than perfect. This means that errors are much more likely here than in the respective European wildflower photo pages (in German).
Even though he discovered some booklets with date, location and plant name for most of the flower photographs that he took in 1986, he is not convinced, however, that all data may be considered accurate. Location is usually not very accurate. E. g. he just wrote "Mt. Seymour Provincial Park" when he went for a walk from North Vancouver into this park. Some of the images were allegedly not taken on week-ends. This is extremely unlikely because he usually went to work then (except when there was a public holiday and except for the holidays on Vancouver Island and in Washington State). So he did not have the time to look for flowers except, may be, in the University Endowment Lands or in Stanley Park. Probably he also ocassionally forgot to write down the date or the location. But it is impossible to correct these mistakes after so many years. So they will be just left as they are hoping that most of the data will be helpful and not a source of additional confusion.


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