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Brassicaceae (Leguminosae), Mustard Family

Image of Alyssum desertorum, Desert Alyssum, June 9, 2006, Osoyoos, B. C. Alyssum desertorum, Desert Alyssum (24 KB) additional image (36 KB)
Image of Arabis holboellii agg., Holboell's Rockcress, June 11, 2006, Kalamalka Provincial Park Arabis holboellii agg., Holboell's Rockcress (24 KB)
Image of Cardamine oligosperma agg.(?), Little Western Bitter-cress(?), May 31, 2006, West Vancouver, B. C. Cardamine oligosperma agg.(?), Little Western Bitter-cress(?) (34 KB) additional image (19 KB) additional image (30 KB)
Image of Erophila verna agg., Vernal Whitlow-grass, April 12, 1986, Burnaby, B. C., near Fraser River Erophila verna agg., Vernal Whitlow-grass (23 KB)
Image of Hesperis matronalis, Sweet Rocket, May 31, 2006, West Vancouver, B. C. Hesperis matronalis, Sweet Rocket (28 KB)
Image of Lepidium campestre, Field Pepper-grass, June 10, 2006, parking lot north of Oyama, B. C. Lepidium campestre, Field Pepper-grass (32 KB)
Image of Sisymbrium loeselii(?), Loesel's Tumble-mustard(?), June 18, 2006, 108 Mile Ranch Sisymbrium loeselii(?), Loesel's Tumble-mustard(?) (33 KB) additional image (28 KB)

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Mustard family in Europe (in German, Aethionema - Arabis, 14 species Armoracia - Bunias, 9 species Cakile - Cochlearia, 14 species Dentaria - Erucastrum, 18 species Erysimum - Lepidium, 14 species Lunaria - Sinapis, 13 species Sisymbrium - Thlaspi, 11 species)

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