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Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family

Image of Phlox gracilis(?), Pink Twink(?), June 6, 2006, mountain area above Spuzzum, B. C. Phlox gracilis(?), Pink Twink(?) (26 KB) additional image (31 KB)
Image of Phlox longifolia, Long-leaved Phlox, June 9, 2006, parking lot at Desert Centre, Osoyoos, B. C. Phlox longifolia, Long-leaved Phlox (27 KB)
Image of Polemonium pulcherrimum(?), Showy Jacob's Ladder(?), June 7, 2006, Manning Park Polemonium pulcherrimum(?), Showy Jacob's Ladder(?) (29 KB) additional image (33 KB)

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Phlox family in Europe (in German, 3 species)

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