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Poaceae (Gramineae), Grass Family

Image of Agropyron cristatum, Crested Wheatgrass, June 9, 2006, Desert Centre, Osoyoos, B. C. Agropyron cristatum, Crested Wheatgrass (33 KB)
Image of Dactylis glomerata, Orchard-grass, June 11, 2006, Kalamalka Provincial Park Dactylis glomerata, Orchard-grass (33 KB)
Image of Leymus cinereus, Giant Wildrye, June 9, 2006, Desert Centre, Osoyoos, B. C. Leymus cinereus, Giant Wildrye (17 KB)

Index of families

Index of photos, sorted according to their common / scientific names


Grass family in Europe (in German, Aegilops - Bromus, 16 species,  Catapodium - Digitaria, 7 species,  Echinochloa - Lolium, 13 species,  Melica - Phleum, 12 species  Phragmites - Sesleria, 10 species) and Setaria - Trisetum, 9 species)

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